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 Instruction Manuals +
Brig - Manual
Guide - Manual
If you require a manual for another watch please contact us at sales@vestalwatch.com.au
Warranty +
What is covered?

Vestal Australia offers a limited warranty for a period of one year. This includes:
- Water resistance 
- The watch movement
- The dial 
- The hands
- The battery

If we find that the product didn't live up to our standards, we'll repair it or exchange it free of charge. Please understand that we may charge a reasonable fee if the damage to your watch was caused by unreasonable usage. If you believe that one of our watches is functioning improperly, simply email warranty@vestalwatch.com.au. 

What is not covered?

The warranty does not cover: 
- Repairs if the watch was not originally purchased from an authorised Vestal Australia Retailer
- Damage resulting from improper handling, lack of care, accidents, or normal wear and tear
- Case, crystal, strap or bracelet
- Repairs of the watch has been used and/or worn in a spa or sauna. 

The warranty is void if the watch is opened by anyone other than the Vestal Australia Service Centre. If you are an international customer please contact us at warranty@vestalwatch.com.au

Outlet Products
Vestal Australia offers a limited warranty for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. 
Understanding Water Resistance +
Here's a quick reference guide to help you understand the water resistance ratings for watches and the various activities you can expose your watch to without water damage. Watches, no matter what the water resistance is, should not be worn in any hot tub, hot shower, sauna or steam room. 

3ATM = Splash Resistant. Suitable for light rain or drizzle.

5 ATM = Water Resistant. Suitable for rain, water balloon fight, or wading in a pool. 

10 ATM = Water Sports Worthy. Suitable for swimming, surfing or diving up to 100 meters. 

Caring for Your Watch + 
If your watch band is made of leather, try to avoid getting it wet. Water will ruin the leather. In the event that the leather band is ruined, Vestal has a limited supply of replacements that can be sold back to you. If your Vestal watch is equipped with a stainless-steel band and it has been exposed to saltwater, rinse band in fresh water soon after exposure. 

To gently clean the rest of your watch apply a sift cloth with mild soapy water to the watch case and metal bracelet and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Be sure to secure the crown in the closed position prior to the cleaning in order to avoid water damage. Following the exposure to saltwater, simply rinse the watch under tap water and dry with a soft cloth.

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If you have any queries please contact us via sales@vestalwatch.com.au.
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